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Tax & Wealth Strategy


Facing the IRS can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be. At Persona Tax, we specialize in representing clients' controversies before the IRS. From audits to appeals, and resolving balance due, with an in-house licensed Enrolled Agent we advocate effectively for your rights. We navigate the intricate IRS processes, aiming to minimize liabilities and seek the best possible outcomes. With the US tax law's complexity, having a knowledgeable ally is invaluable. Schedule a consultation today to learn how we can support and represent you in navigating IRS challenges.


Tax Planning

Reduce your tax liability with our customized tax planning service. From eliminating capital gains with Section 1202 small business stock, enjoying tax-free growth in Qualified Opportunity Zones, to deferring up to $61,000 annually through strategic retirement planning, we navigate the vast sea of possibilities to tailor the investment strategy that best suits your needs. Let us help you invest in what matters most. 


Business Management

Launching and managing a creative enterprise demands more than just talent—it requires strategic business acumen. At Persona Tax, we provide comprehensive business management and entity formation services tailored to principals, creatives, and investors in the entertainment industry. From choosing the right business structure to optimize tax benefits and protect intellectual property to managing operational finances, our business acumen and licensed expertise in tax law ensures your venture is built on a solid foundation for sustainable success.  Schedule a consultation to discover which tax advantages are available to you.


Intellectual Property

In the worlds of arts & entertainment your intellectual property is your most valuable asset. At Persona Tax, we excel in the nuanced tax treatments of intellectual property, ensuring that artists, filmmakers, writers, and labels protect investments while complying with tax regulations. Our services include strategic planning for treatment of IP as capital asset, royalty structuring, installment agreement sales, and leveraging industry-specific deductions and credits. Partner with us to transform your creative assets into financial strength, all while navigating the complexities of tax law with precision and foresight. Put us to the test.


Real Estate

Ever considered an S-Corp for your properties? Filers who incorporate as an LLC are surprised to learn about the unique benefits that the tax code affords corporations. Whether you need to form an entity, calculate your firm's basis, or maximize §179 special depreciation before it sunsets, let us help you make the most of your investments.


On the Quarter

Yes, four times a year I'd like to learn how tax law changes will affect me. 

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